Got Bad Standing Posture?

Ever wonder what kind of shoes are the RIGHT kind of shoes for your feet?  I know you do because patients routinely buy bad shoes or orthotics to help them with their foot pain, back pain, hip pain and knee pain. Advanced Biostructural Correction™ fixes the UNDERLYING cause of your pain.  Once your ABC™ chiropractor begins realigning your spine, fixing your existing shoes and buying the correct shoes in the future is a piece of cake.  But you have to know what bad shoe features to avoid.  And there are 2 very specific features you must avoid because you cannot fix the shoe once you buy it.  These shoe instructions do not reliably work for people who aren’t getting Advanced Biostructural Correction™ care.  But ABC™ patients who neglect these instructions are sure to have setbacks.  So start using this data as early in your care plan as possible!

In case you aren’t a patient and are reading this, you must know that ABC™ care can effectively get MOST people out of their bulky, ugly orthotics.  Without bulky orthotics because their body gets fixed up, patients can wear normal shoes again.  Every patient who has presented to my office wearing orthotics has gotten out of them by the end of the first week of care, and usually after the first visit.


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