Dr. Erica’s Good Posture Movies

Erica Kasprzyk, ABC chiropractor, ABC Centennial, female chiropractor, experienced chiropractor

Dr. Erica S. Kasprzyk, DC

In 2006, I “made the movie”.  I never had enough time to troubleshoot all of the possible problems patients can have with bad posture habits outside of the office.  So I made a DVD for better ergonomics titled, “Secrets to Good Posture…That Your Mother Never Revealed.”  This DVD has been given to all new patients since 2006 and for the first time each chapter is available online!  You can watch each of the chapters on better ergonomics from the convenience of any computer instead of the chance that our DVD format doesn’t work with the DVD player you are using.  One day, the “movie” will get re-shot since I get a little embarrassed when patients ask, “How long ago did you make that??”  You might hear a kitty cat passing by as you are watching.  But at least the data is all demonstrated as  well as possible.  Since the shooting of the video, Dr. Erica has discovered the “kneel-sit” chairs.  They aren’t demonstrated in the movie.  But look for an upcoming tidbit showing how good these chairs are.


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