Fish-Food for Thought: ADD Symptoms Relieved within Weeks

Symptoms of ADHD can be virtually eliminated within weeks by supplementing with proper quality and quantity of Omega-3 Fish Oils (high EPA content), eliminating refined sugar and processed foods. (1)

Another study includes supplementing with gamma linoleic acid (i.e. borage oil—included in Nutriwest’s Omega 3 formula), magnesium and zinc as necessary to normalize behavior. Omega 3 oils are nutrients that the body CAN’T make on its own. These oils provide building blocks for the brain to make cell membranes. This allows chemicals to get in and out of the cell. Processed foods and lack of omega 3’s in the diet cause the cells to be made with rigid fats that don’t allow vital chemicals in or out. This can lead to mood disorders, depression, bipolar as well as post-partum blues.

It is well-established that psychiatry’s diagnostic manual, the DSSM, contains diseases that are merely voted into existence at annual conventions. Receiving a diagnosis of ADD may be nothing more than a pretense to legally sell amphetamines.

If you are considering psychotropic drugs for yourself or your child, you should know that there are no established tests to identify a chemical imbalance that is claimed to exist with ADD, depression or other mental disorders. Thus, once psychotropic drug treatment begins, there is no outcome for measuring if brain chemicals have “normalized.” For extensive videos, references, and books, visit if you are unsure about the harm that could be caused by psychotropic drugs.

A dietary and supplement approach have no side effects and mere relief is all that is needed to see if the treatment worked!

1 European Neuropsychopharmacology February 2007
2 Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and EFA’s Oct/Nov 2006 8/15/2007