Glutathione Normalizes Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Glutathione has a mechanism which may reverse the neurological symptoms associated with autism. Mercury is the most toxic nonradioactive element in existence.(3) Thimerosal is a vaccine preservative that consists of 50% ethyl mercury. It is used to prevent contamination of the vaccine vial with bacteria or growths. It used to be an ingredient in most vaccines as recently as the 1990’s. Back then, for a 6 month old who received all required vaccines, the typical exposure to ethyl mercury would have been 187.5 micro grams. This cumulative exposure would be 66% higher than the Environmental Protection Agency recommends safe on a per/pound and weekly accumulation basis of methyl mercury (assuming a 15 pound infant.)(1) (There are no established norms for ethyl mercury exposure which has one more carbon than methyl).

Most kids seem to have no overt problems from getting vaccines. However, there is no doubting that autism increased from 5/10,000 to 60/10,000 kids after three additional thimerosol-containing vaccines were introduced for newborns in the early 1990’s–a 1200% jump!.(3)

So what is the controversy over vaccines causing autism? It appears that infants and children who develop autism spectrum disorder are not able to excrete the mercury accumulations from their body. This is witnessed in the first haircuts of autistic kids versus normal kids. Normal kids have 800% more mercury in their hair than an autistic kid. The fact that mercury doesn’t show up in the autistic person’s hair indicates the body isn’t excreting it.

Autistic children have 20% lower cysteine and 54% lower glutathione in their blood, possibly due to a genetic mutation that does not code properly for a gene.(3) The body makes glutathione–its job is to target pollutants, including mercury, for elimination. So if an autistic child has less than 50% of normal, then their body may be compromised when assaulted with the “most toxic nonradioactive element in existence.”(3)

Chelation of heavy metals is now the preferred treatment–normalizing blood levels of glutathione and cysteine account for improvements. In fact, the support group, Defeat Autism Now, considers autism curable. Mercury is still in diptheria, tetanus and flu.

My personal comment: the FDA’s own website says that “thimersol-free” vaccines may still have traces of it from the manufacturing process. However, if you still choose to vaccinate, insist on single-dose vials that are not likely to need a preservative. What may not be appreciated are the other toxic chemicals like phenol that are used in vaccines and the unknown effects they may cause in a small developing baby.

If you thought you had to get vaccines for school, you should know that Colorado has the BEST laws for allowing you to decline them via religious, medical or a philosophical exemption with no penalty to your child for declining them (4). I have declined them at private daycares, in-home daycares, corporate daycares, and public elementary school in 2 districts in Colorado. On the BACK side of the vaccine record that the doctor fills out is the exemption selection. At least State Law says the exemptions are SUPPOSED to be on the back. If not, just ask the administrator of the facility you are attending for the exemption form. You will not have an ounce of trouble registering your child in the event you would rather protect your child from the unpredictable harms of mercury or other toxic vaccination ingredients.

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Exemptions from immunization (Religious, Medical & Philosophic)