What Exercises Will Stop My Pain?

Exercising Strengthens the Existing Misalignments

In our culture it is very common for patients’ primary care doctors to refer them to physical therapy when they have pain. So there is a very ingrained idea with patients that the way to get rid of pain is through exercise.

There appears to be some workability with exercising and stretching because patients may get some relief for a period of time. However, when they discontinue the stretches or exercises, many patients have told me the pain comes back. Other patients find exercising kind of hurts and others barely get relief from stretching or exercising.

When in pain, patients already naturally stretch the tight areas to get relief. So it is interesting that patients want to know what secret exercise might actually finally make them better when I meet with them.

Unfortunately there isn’t any exercise that will fix the problem. When the bones are twisted out of place in a way they cannot realign themselves, stretched muscles will eventually tighten back up because they are connected to misaligned bones. The muscles DON’T pull the bones out of place. Bad alignment twists muscles, causing them to tighten. Exercising your body temporarily changes the positions of the bones and muscles. But due to the mechanics of the spinal column and the inability of a vertebrae to realign itself BACKWARDS, there is limited workability in exercising to fix pain.

For many problems, there ISN’T any exercise that can fix certain misalignments because there’s no muscle that pulls the vertebrae backwards.

Once patients begin ABC care, their spine is realigned in the direction that the spine CANNOT fix on its own. Then they don’t NEED to stretch the muscle to get relief from the tightness or pain. But after beginning a course of care, any exercise they do WILL benefit them tremendously. Stretching will feel more natural and easier. And strengthening exercises will give the postural muscles better tone. Stronger muscles hold the body in place, making it less likely for the spine to misalign. Exercising will also FEEL better to the patient who is under ABC care once they aren’t so twisted up. Exercising a very twisted spine will merely strengthen the misaligned posture that it is already in.

Do you worry you just haven’t exercised ENOUGH to finally get rid of the pain? Don’t beat yourself up. We have treated Pilates instructors, fitness trainers, hard-core exercisers, Cross-fit athletes, triathletes, cyclists, runners and horseback riders who exercise more than you would ever DREAM of exercising. And they have badly misaligned spines that do not just “straighten out” from a lot of exercise. Once these athletes have begun our program, their training enters a whole new realm of possibilities due to improved posture, untwisted bones and looser muscles.

On my Secrets to Good Posture DVD, I demonstrate the most effective stretches and strengthening moves for supporting good posture. But those exercises cannot FIX the actual problem. They can only hold the spine in the existing alignment pattern, good, bad or indifferent. So get the chassis lined up and then take the old girl for a good spin. The drive will be much better and you won’t chew up the tires due to a bad rear-end alignment!


Patients Say Why Dr. Erica and Atlas are DIFFERENT

Nothing speaks louder to the public than what your own customers are saying about you.  We surveyed patients to find out why THEY think we are different than traditional chiropractors.  These comments were lifted directly off of the surveys our patients filled out.   These aren’t testimonials, but rather a compilation of survey results that were anonymous.

The survey questions:
1.  What is different about your RESULTS than your previous chiropractors?
2.  What is different about our STYLE of adjusting than your previous chiropractors?
(Patients who didn’t have any previous chiropractic experience were excluded from the final results).

Pains don’t reoccur the same afternoon after the adjustment
Longer-lasting results post-adjustment
The results are positive and lead to improved posture and relief of symptoms.
Much more gentle–my back actually adjusts vs muscles fighting back as someone hacks on my back.
Results were faster and better than other chiropractors–worked with my entire back, not just the “bad spot” so long lasting changes.
Focus on fixing, not treatment forever; Posture DVD is very instructive.
Here I remain out of pain for over a year and there is genuine concern.  Lasts from month to month.
Not as violent a movement.
Combination of massage and series of treatments results in getting more fundamental improvements in structure, not just easing pains.  Longer lasting, better results.
This actually straightened my spine and the adjustments held.
Tries to move spine backwards so that head, shoulders and hips are aligned.
Never had any lasting good results before.  Never got 1/2 inch of height back before!
Never had adjustment done while standing or the leg and feet adjustments.
My upper back is much looser than previously.  More emphasis on posture here.
The main difference is the long term plan versus sporadic visits when in pain.
The total shape of the spine is different.
ABC™ style–NOT gorilla-at-the-zoo style!  No bone crushing actions.
I actually achieved results!
The neck adjustment—side-ways push rather than twisting.

Attention is paid to the whole patient rather than presenting issues.
This is a total health practice versus an adjustment that focuses only on one adjustment for the point of pain.
More advanced.  Doesn’t just seem to be a “quick fix” but a long-term help.
My adjustments are lasting longer than previous ones with other chiropractors.
I am more aware of my environment and how it impacts my alignment.
Feeling more upright and improvement in neck and spine.
Much better, less invasive and it works.
Much better, did not get any results from last chiropractor.
More consultative.
More noticeable relief from symptoms and longer lasting results.
I am happy with these results.  I cannot remember much about my previous chiropractic experience.
The frontal approach feels less aggressive and stressful.  I prefer this method.
I feel straighter, with little after-effects.
There is more than one way to skin a cat.
Greater flexibility after treatment.
Less soreness after treatment.
If you like traditional chiropractic, I bet you’ll like ABC™ more–because it’s good and different.
Less twisting and pain.
Shoulders have responded like they haven’t before.
Try it, you won’t believe the difference.
It was nice not to be told I have to go three times a week for life.
At previous chiropractor, all the appointments resulted in no change, physical therapy would have been better.
I have had other chiropractic adjustments and with ABC™ I have more energy and feel better physically.
Better results–x-rays prove it.
Seems thorough and focused on comparing to a baseline.
Results change weekly.  Looking at root cause.
So far my pain is lessened and I am working on my granny hump.  No one has ever tried to do that.
It’s weird but it works.

As Some Have Expected, ABC™ Chiropractic Can’t Help Everything

ABC Chiropractor, ABC Doctor

Dr. Erica S. Kasprzyk, DC

Many patients probably don’t realize the wide variety of problems that have been helped using Advanced Biostructural Correction™ care. But not every patient can be helped. That’s because there ARE some limiting factors. The most severe limitations to getting better are:

1) Previous Spinal Surgery: If a person already has their normal mechanics altered, their outcome is much less predictable. So note! Try ABC™ chiropractic BEFORE symptoms get so bad that surgery is absolutely necessary.

2) Spinal Fracture: Obviously I wouldn’t treat someone with a new fracture. However, once healed, the lingering symptoms can be quite bothersome. I’ve had two patients with healed compression (spinal) fractures who responded beautifully. But the fracture might create abnormal mechanics that creates a plateau in improvement.

3) Diabetes: I’ve seen a few times where people are borderline diabetic or full-blown Type II diabetes with numb feet. Their feet don’t predictably get better like the non-diabetic.

4) Cancer/Infections: When there are organic causes of disease, a predictable outcome cannot be expected. Improvements MAY be possible. A maintenance patient began having dizziness and didn’t respond the way patients with dizziness typically respond. She had a medical consult with her primary doctor; no problems were found–she wasn’t even given antibiotics for a possible inner ear infection.  In this patient’s case, it was fortunate she DIDN’T go on antibiotics that might have covered up the TRUE problem.  At a dental check-up, it was found she had a raging bone infection in her jaw!  After getting that infection under control, the dizziness resolved. No mechanical solution (i.e. adjustment) was going to resolve that dizziness.

5) Invalidating Comments: When a patient has a family member (or other close person) who is making them wrong about using chiropractic care, then those people have up-and-down results. The person is better after I treat them, but after coming in contact with that person, they are doing worse again.

In the absence of these factors, a large variety of symptoms can respond very favorably. Some of my favorite things to help with are headaches, pain down the arm and hand (with or without numbness), pain or numbness spreading from the low back into the leg, low energy and that feeling of “I’m just getting old.”  Ultimately, I’m not the one making you better. I’m just giving your body the favorable conditions to help it heal itself. And that makes chiropractic fun for me!