Bring Your Kids and Their Sports Injuries to Atlas!

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My New 6-Year-Old Wheels!

It’s finally getting warm enough to ride my new 6-year-old bike I got for my birthday!  I can pedal so much easier than on my older bike.  I even learned how to make skid marks by squeezing the brakes fast.  On Mother’s Day, we did our longest bike ride yet through Cherry Creek State Park.  We were almost home and I lost my balance and fell 😦  And the week before at school I fell on my head doing a handstand.  So Mommy gave me two adjustments because my neck was tight and so were my shoulders.  But I’m not afraid to ride my bike.  I learned how to pop off the curb without even falling.  It’s fun being a big 6 year-old!

Love, Sarah-bear


Bring Your Kids with Sports Injuries to MY Chiropractor

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Happy Birthday Dr. Mom!

These are two of my newest, bestest friends. We were celebrating my mom’s birthday! Their names are Karlie and Brayden. They are Shawn’s kids–Mommy’s boyfriend. Karlie is a kindergartner like me and Brayden is in 2nd grade. But I’m as big as him 😉 We all take tennis ball class together and Karlie takes gymnastics like me! She got hurt at gymnastics one time–she couldn’t even turn her head and had a LOT of pain! Shawn had Mommy fix her–she got adjustments and made it feel so much better! Make sure your kids see MY mom if they get hurt so they will feel better fast.  Love, Sarah-bear

Bring Your Kids to My Mommy for Potty Accidents

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Accident-Free Again!

Once again, I’m a super lucky kid to have my mommy as my personal chiropractor! I was being a monkey and was hanging on the banister at the bottom of the stairs. I accidentally slipped though and my tushy landed on the corner of the wood. Ouch! I had a terrible bruise that has lasted for like 20 years or something.  Mom realized that I had a few pee pee accidents last week which was pretty unusual for me–during the day time and at night time.

Climbing Injuries,

I Am Sarah, Hear Me Roar!

And then it got hard to poop. That is NO fun! So I got an adjustment from my mommy and I haven’t had any pee pee or poopy problems since then. I guess I never wonder how all of that works because that is the only way it has ever been for me! If I get hurt, my mommy fixes me. I THROW my arms around my mommy after I get my adjustment. I love it so much. If you bring your kids to Mommy, I’m sure they will feel as good as I do.   Love, Sarah-bear

Take Your Fish Pills

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National Zoo Visiting Family

I get to be the flower girl in Uncle Jason’s wedding over Thanksgiving weekend. I can’t wait for Mom to take me shopping for my wedding dress. I want white. But my Aunt Cissy says I should get brown and orange to match her wedding colors. And after the wedding, I get to see my Daddy!!! He has been in Germany and I haven’t seen him since April. So Mommy will miss me when I’m gone and I will miss her because I won’t be back til the New Year. But I’m going to Disneyland with my Dad and then to see Mommy’s parents in Virginia and my other grandma is going to visit me at Daddy’s house in North Carolina. The holidays are going to be very fun! Tell your kids to take their fish pills so they can stay healthy.  Love, Sarah-bear

I Recommend My Mommy!

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Coffee Talk with Dr. Mom

I keep hearing that I will be in Kindergarten next year. Right now, I just can’t wait for the end of the school year because at my Primrose School, we get to wear whatever we want in the summer time. I keep asking Mom if it is summer yet!  For now, I like to make my school uniform look girly-girly with bright tights, socks or colorful shoes.  I went to the dentist for the first time on the day of that bad blizzard. I wanted to find out from the dentist when my first tooth would fall out. My 4 year old cousin already lost her first tooth. And Mom wanted to know if my 6 year old molars were coming in. Just two of them were. I got 2 new toothbrushes while I was there. I brought one of them to my friend Annie at school and told her to go see my dentist, Dr. Jen. But Dr. Jen is having her baby soon so Annie might have to wait to see her!  My dentist told me to wiggle my tooth 50 times a day. I heard that the tooth fairy will use my baby teeth to build her castle. Mom told me I was so good at referring my dentist, that I should hand out chiropractic goodies to my friends and tell them to get their spines checked. Adjustments and massages make me feel good. I never need medicine because Doctor Mommy takes such good care of me!  Love, Sarah

No Training Wheels? No Problem! Get Adjusted!

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Look Ma, No Training Wheels!

I keep hearing my mom brag to EVERYONE that I can ride a 2-wheeler now. Mom said I couldn’t get a new bike until I could ride without training wheels. So I decided I would learn. That day I had it figured out and now I ride my bike to my neighbors, Harry and Rosemary. They remind me of my babysitter Ruth Ann because they are grandparents like she is!  I park my bike on Rosemary’s porch so I can go have a conversation with her. I even rode to Starbucks with Mom one day!  I still haven’t gotten that new bike yet. But Mom hasn’t been able to find the right size. I’m sure she will get me a very cool purple or pink bike once she does. With streamers. And a bell. And my own Camel Back! (I already got a new helmet, even though my old one was just fine. Mom’s can be suckered into almost anything you know??)  I’ve only fallen a couple of times. But I’ve figured out to ask my mom for an adjustment if I feel tight. I throw my arms around my mom right after she adjusts me because it feels so good! I tell her I am so glad that she is a chiropractor who can take care of me when I am tight. And now I have a new babysitter to pick me up from daycare, so she can help more patients at the end of the day. So get your adjustment from my mom, even if traffic is bad!  Love, Sarah

Headstands are for People with Chiropractors!

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Headstands Are My Specialty

Yes, that’s me hanging around up-side down! Mom says just looking at me do a headstand makes her head hurt. I told Mom to use a picture of my new room instead!  We just moved and I was very proud of pictures I took of my first 2 toys I put in my new room. We can even do bike rides on our new street because there isn’t much traffic like at our old house.

I have been a big helper around our new house—I even made Mom’s bed one morning. I was also very impressed when the dentist visited our school. I can’t wait to show my mom how shiny and minty my teeth are every time I brush! It won’t be long before I get my first loose tooth since I’m now a big 5-year-old.

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Special Birthday "Up-do"

I had a Barbie cake and Bratz cupcakes for my birthday because I LOVE “fashion”. It’s fun to pick out the “fashion” outfits for my Barbies!

Love, Sarah