Former Atlas is NOT Dr. Erica Approved

There was a recent cNot Dr. Erica Approvedhange of management at the former Atlas Personal Wellness.  If you were a patient of mine at Atlas and have been contacted by the new management, please know that they are NOT “Dr. Erica Approved.”   I see they even have some staff who used to be there when I owned the clinic.  And they have recruited a doctor who knows ABC.  But trying to re-create what Atlas was, in Atlas’ old space, without the Source of Atlas, which was Dr. Erica Kasprzyk, DC/Dr. Erica Windle, DC is NOT Atlas. The managers and their doctor are NOT Dr. Erica and do not do things the way I did. The new management caused major disruptions when they were still involved at Atlas under my ownership.  I did not sell them the business. They assumed control from the outgoing doctor without my consent or permission and without paying me out on my interest in the business when the buyer threw in the towel.


It is unfortunate that the person who I trusted to buy and continue the practice is now hiding in the bankruptcy court to evade her business and financial responsibilities. You can still find her practicing at Belleview Animal Clinic adjusting dogs and cats, in case she didn’t leave a way to reach her.  She’s even listed on their website, so that is public information.



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