Desk Distress Disorder Identified

A pain complex that results from prolonged hours of sitting at a desk, working on a computer and talking on the phone.

After working with white collar office workers for well over a decade, a condition has manifested itself that is shown over and over to be a verifiable problem. In our office, we call it “Desk Distress Disorder”. It is the gradual tightening of the shoulders that creeps into the necks eventually leading to neck and/or shoulder pain, can spread into headaches, cause numbness and tingling in the hands/fingers/arms with soreness in the wrists or elbows and causes back soreness when trying to sit up straight.

A hallmark of this condition is that repeated stretching doesn’t relieve it. Exercise may give temporary relief, but after resuming desk work, the symptoms return. The symptoms USUALLY appear gradually over time and begin to last longer, come more frequently until the symptoms become constant.

While many professionals may attribute this problem to a worker’s comp injury, we have found that the symptoms are due to a pre-existing misalignment from previous trauma, predisposing the patient to pain from chronic bad sitting posture.

At Atlas, we specialize in improving the mechanics of the skeleton, taking tension off of the muscles and nerves. We improve the symptoms associated with Desk Distress Disorder continually by peeling off layers of bad mechanics and supporting the new alignment between visits with better sitting, sleeping and standing posture.

Find out if you have Desk Distress Disorder and how to get pain relief on your own at home or when you should know that it is time to seek professional help at my new website, Desk Distress Disorder


One thought on “Desk Distress Disorder Identified

  1. The traditional desk and chair model is simply not going to offer the best health to sedentary workers because this overly designed model belongs in the museum. Active Relaxation Computer Workstations are what will save 85% of the American workforce from the hazards of Sedentary Death Syndrome.

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