Scary Proposition: Out-of-Network Doctors

Do you ever go to out-of-network doctors? Probably not! It can be scary not knowing what fees you might incur if you venture to a doctor who will charge more than your co-pay, especially because many medical billing departments are not very efficient or accurate, sticking you with big bills for out-of-network services.

But have you ever been frustrated by getting the “run-around” and not getting your problem solved?

Something you should contemplate if you are having a problem that isn’t resolving is what you are actually getting for your co-pay. If the exchange you are hoping for is an appointment with the doctor, PA, chiropractor or PT then spending a $30 co-pay is clearly better than spending upwards of $80-100 out-of-network. But if the product you want a workable solution for your problem but you don’t get a solution for $30 co-pays for MANY appointments at a multitudes of providers, you now have wasted a lot of time AND money, just $30 at a time.

The funny thing I’ve learned from hundreds and hundreds of consultations with patients is MOST people do not want to take drugs. Yet their first stop is their physician, who will usually give a prescription-strength anti-inflammatory and/or muscle relaxer for aches and pains. And considering that a majority of our patients have struggled with at least one of their aches or pains for YEARS, how many co-pays to doctors were spent? How much of their life was wasted in pain, sleeping poorly or avoiding doing things they love?

When you consider the cost of just sticking to your network doctor versus going to an out-of-network, results-driven doctor, the cost-benefit analysis is a no-brainer. For example a patient who loved coming to our office some years ago used to have good out-of-network benefits that worked at our office. When her husband’s insurance policy changed, she stopped coming. I recently saw her again after 4 years. She told me she had been to four chiropractic offices in Highlands Ranch. She was completely dissatisfied with the service she got for chiropractic adjustments–she said she got a little tweak here and a little tweak there and some therapies. She called it “the Highlands Ranch adjustment.” I’m not sure if all of the offices she went to used a similar technique, but by the time I saw her she said it would be worth $100 to get a “real” adjustment. (Not our price, by the way).

It is common for patients to say they wished they had known about us years ago so they could have done something about their pain way back when.

We charge a competitive fee for our care. We lay out all of the finances before you incur a single dollar. We never balance bill our patients when we accept assignment on insurance, even if the policy turns out to be crummy. (So for that reason, we are choosy about which out-of-network plans we will bill.)

So if you or your friend or family member are not a patient in our office, take the financial consideration away and just come in and see if we can help. If your pain isn’t caused by tumor, infection, fracture, drug side effects or the like, then we can USUALLY help, even if you have been failed many times in the past by physicians or other chiropractors. We specialize in difficult or tough cases. Call us and see how Atlas’ method is worth the extra expense of going out-of-network.


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