Rehab Now to Hasten Future Recoveries

There is a phenomenon I have noticed about my patients who have completed an initial plan of care: that in the event they have a future accident, they heal remarkably faster than other patients with similar injuries. For instance, a patient who is in his mid-50’s who had 2 low back surgeries prior to our care recently severed his patellar tendon–ouch! His attending doctor said in 20 years he’d never seen someone heal and rehabilitate so fast from such an injury. There was another patient some years ago who was similar–he was an auto mechanic patient who tore all the tendons in his elbow. His attending doctor never saw someone heal so fast from such a serious injury.

More commonly, existing patients get into a car accident after they have started our treatment plan. Those patients return to pre-accident status within a couple of weeks, sometimes within a couple of adjustments! Compare this to new guys off the street who never had an Atlas adjustment and the prognosis for the same kind of mild injury is several weeks and over a dozen treatments to get back to pre-accident status. My existing patients recover from a new injury without residual achiness or soreness while new injury patients tend to have residual aches.

It makes sense when you understand the mechanics of the body. When there are pre-existing twists, tensions and tightnesses, any new injury is more likely to become the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” Existing ABC patients have a more stable base and a new trauma adds one new complexity that is rather easily cleaned up.

Our patients don’t start our care plan hoping it will shorten any future convalescence, but it is a note-worthy benefit that you keep in the long-run!


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