Are you “cracked up” over getting an adjustment?

Have you ever wanted to try chiropractic but never have because you are scared the adjustments are painful or because you don’t like the “cracking” noise? If so, then you are like 3/4 of the patients we meet. You will be surprised to know that for for most people, even scaredy cats, the adjustment itself isn’t painful. If anything, it is SURPRISING. In fact the relief that is usually felt following the first ABC (TM) treatment melts away the scaredy cat’s fear for future treatments.

In order to change the alignment of your skeleton, there must be movement of the bones. The soft tissues, like ligaments, muscles and tendons can actually be swollen due to the nature of the joint being twisted. So there can be some soreness. Patients MAY be sore from the adjustment. But that is like the soreness you would feel if you did a new exercise. Not PAIN. And there is one move that moves the head from one side to the other and can make a popping noise. But with the technique we use at Atlas, there isn’t any twisting of the neck or low back. The adjustments to the back are done standing up and are rather comfortable.

Atlas’ technique IS different. It isn’t like traditional chiropractic adjustments. That’s why I think MOST scaredy cats stick with it, despite their fear of getting adjusted or hearing their bones “crack.”

Just knowing the false data about “cracking your joints” that has filled everyone’s heads can help scaredy cats “take the plunge”, too. EVERYONE has a family member who has told them if you “crack your knuckles you’ll get arthritis”. But funny enough, researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that middle-aged people who cracked their joints had less arthritis than those who never cracked their joints. It was the researchers’ second study showing that cracking your joints DOESN’T cause arthritis and after age 45, mobility lessens in those who don’t crack their joints. According to Dr. Cymet, the researcher in this study, the cracking noise is gas escaping the joint at the point of tension of moving the joint.

So take heart and find out how our technique can get you feeling better, even if you’re embarrassed at being scared. We will escort you through your fear to the other side of your first treatment and show you how different your life can become without constant or chronic pain!


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