Tips for Better Sleep


Mattresses are a concern with many people who are consistently having pain when sleeping, or having more pain in the morning when they wake up.  If your pain is worse when you wake up than when you went to bed, then you really need to troubleshoot your pillow and mattress.

Correcting bad posture with ABC™ adjustments will really improve pain that gets worse with bad sleep.  Then consider the following mattress recommendations.

If your pain is still worse in the morning, experiment with a different bed in your house.   Note if your pain is better when you spend the night somewhere else.  If you consistently sleep better when you travel, or can sleep better on an alternate bed in your house, seriously consider replacing your mattress.

FIXING BAD POSTURE FOR SIDE-SLEEPERS  SOLUTION:   You own a common household item that can be used to substitute for compressible pillows:  bath towels.  Start with approximately 3 folded bath towels.  The height of towels should measure approximately the width of your shoulder to the base of your neck.

The beauty of using bath towels is they are completely adjustable at any time.  Merely peel back one or two layers of towels to get the ideal height for comfort.  The stack of towels SHOULDN’T feel hard on your head or ear.  Add or subtract one layer and re-test if it does.  You can even slide them into your pillow case for added comfort.  The pillow case also helps keep them from sliding around while you sleep.

FIXING BAD POSTURE FOR BACK SLEEPERS  SOLUTION:  For those people who sleep on their back:  use a hand towel and fold several times for the “just right” thickness to support your neck.  Don’t roll it into a cylinder though.

You will get the best results with these pillow tips when used with a firm mattress.  

Unfortunately, firm mattresses with cushy pillow tops don’t work as well with these tips for your pillow.

Are you waking up with your neck kind of achey? Try sleeping on your other side. As your spinal patterns shift, it can put more tension on the side you’re used to sleeping on. My comfortable side switches periodically. Also, make sure your pillow is tall enough if sleeping on your side. Make sure it is very skinny if sleeping on your back. (By the way, DON’T sleep on your stomach! This is a very good way to keep exacerbating your pain. One patient successfully used  a heating pad on her stomach to help her stay on her back throughout the night.)


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