Mattresses to Avoid


Select Comfort (“Sleep Number”)

Slightly more than half of our patients surveyed through the years love their Select Comfort Air mattresses.  Slightly less than half of them don’t like it.  The air mattress is not a perfect solution—probably because it is not a solid surface.   You should be aware that Select Comfort motors break periodically and there is only a pro-rated amount of warranty coverage.  Like the warranty you get on tire treads—you pay the portion of the repair based on how long you have owned it.  And patients routinely report their mattress naturally loses air throughout the week and they need to re-pump to their desired firmness.  So if the motor breaks, the mattress will become useless unless you fix it.

Another complaint is the center of the bed has a “no-man’s land.”  That is, it’s not part of the air mattress and it’s kind of like a ridge between the two sides of the bed.  Maybe you are long past snuggling with your partner   If that’s the case, then it probably won’t bug you.  Just take note of it when you are in the store.


Tempurpedic mattresses may work well if the mattress is newer.  But after a couple of years, the material breaks down and a firm pillow setup cannot make up for the fact your body is sinking into the mattress.

The fact that Tempurpedic breaks down so soon is why I would really like to veer you away from their products.  I used to be a huge advocate.  The novelty of the memory foam and the firmness worked well in the beginning of the product’s life.  I had several pillows and everyone in my family had bought them as well.  We all loved them, in the beginning.

But everyone began noticing their pillows weren’t supportive after the two year mark (my mom, dad, uncle, grandmother, sister, husband, you get the idea?)  This was so consistent as to become predictable, even with patients who had purchased them, too.

At the time, I was ordering directly from the manufacturer located in Lexington, KY, long before you could find their products at any retail location.  Back then, Tempurpedic was not willing to uphold their warranty on the product, which was stated to be well over 2 years.  I fought with them to get one pillow exchanged.  But for what?  For it to deteriorate again in 2 years?

Tempurpedic products are quite expensive to be replaced every two years.  Back when I was selling them, a typical queen pillow was easily $100.  I think you could spend upwards of $200 on the extra thick, long version.  A $200 pillow better last a LONG time!

Also, I had the Tempurpedic mattress.  It was the SAME story as the pillows.  A little over 2 years after using it nightly, I was consistently waking up with neck pain.  That is not a very good testimonial being a chiropractor who focuses on structural correction.

So I moved the Tempurpedic bed to the guest room and swiped the new, “cheap” firm mattress I had bought to put in there.  It was called Doctor’s Choice by Denver Mattress.  I’ve been happily using that mattress since 2002.  No pillow-top either.


This one point has been a continual point of frustration for patients through the years.  The soft topper has an interesting purpose–to make a firm mattress soft.  The pillow tops wear out so fast though.  If your mattress is less than 10 years old but it is sagging, it is likely because the pillow top has lost its integrity.

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Sagging Mattress

I know of some mattress warranties that will replace the mattress if there is greater than 1.5 inch sag. I have seen the 1.5 inch sag wreck a patient’s results after every visit.  I will literally fix the pain in the hip and down the leg and it will stay fixed until the patient wakes up the next morning.  After long enough the patient becomes convinced it is her nerves or she needs an epidural.  But no!  She merely had a sagging mattress!  Fixing that will keep her structure stable between visits so she can finally make the progress that she should.

From a structural standpoint, I would avoid the Intelligel bed for the same reason to avoid the Tempurpedic.  If you give it a try and it helps, then great.

If after attempting the pillow instructions and experimenting with different mattresses your pain is still worse during or after sleeping, you need to see a structural correction expert.  Advanced Biostructural Correction™ is the best method for realigning your structure.  Adjustments relieve inflammation and pain by taking pressure off of joints that aren’t designed to handle it.  That will ultimately allow you to get more comfortable while you are lying down.

Better sleep is a consistent, positive side effect for our patients.  Surveys show that it is one of the most common benefits. 


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