High Cholesterol–Fact or Fiction?

Ultraprevention by Mark Hyman
90% of the cholesterol in your body is made out of sugar. Sugar is refined carbs, not just sugary snacks. It comes from alcohol, white bread as well as sweets, pasta and bagels. Statins block Vitamin D and CoQ 10 synthesis. This leads to peripheral neuropathy, loss of deep tendon reflexes and transient global amnesias.

Patients on statin therapy were 1600% more likely to experience peripheral neuropathy (unexplained burning, tingling, numbness in the limbs). Neurology May 2002

Daily consumption of 8 oz. of pomegranate juice resulted in a significant reduction in LDL oxidation that leads to atherosclerosis. This was linked to a 44% reduction in atherosclerosis over those who didn’t consume it.
Clinical Nutrition June 2004

Half of those who suffer sudden cardiac death have no history of cardiac disease. The cause of these deaths is primarily cardiac arrhythmia which is irregular rhythm of the heart. Of the omega 3 oils, fish oils particularly have anti-arrhythmic properties. People with the highest 25% of omega 3’s in their blood had an 81% reduced risk of death from arrhythmia compared to those with the lowest 25% of omega 3’s.
New England Journal of Medicine 4/11/2002

10 mg of policosanol was found to be as effective as Lipitor at reducing cholesterol with an average 25% LDL reduction Cardiovascular J. of S. Africa March/April 2006

High cholesterol is not even in the top 10 list of risk factors for death. Public LIbrary of Science April 2009

Only half of patients with coronary heart disease have high cholesterol.
New England Journal of Medicine 11/14/2002

Omega 3 fish oils are 44% more effective at preventing cardiovascular death than statin therapy, even though they don’t lower the cholesterol measurement. Archives of Internal Medicine April 11, 2005

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a more reliable indicator of cardiovascular events than high LDL levels. New England Journal of Medicine 11/14/2002

An estimated 10-15% of statin users suffer side effects including muscle pain, cognitive impairments and sexual dysfunction.
The study by Lipitor claims the risk of death was reduced by 50%. In actuality it was a 1% difference. The Lipitor group saw 2 deaths out of 100 compared to 3 deaths out of 100 who didn’t take the statin. Number needed to treat is 100 for 1 person to see a benefit. The accepted value should be well under 50 people treated for one person to see the benefit.
There are no studies that show there is a benefit for women of any age taking statins.
8 out of 9 experts at National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) who recommended lowering targets for bad cholesterol were found to have financial ties to industry.
There are no studies that have shown any benefit for people over 65 years old on statin therapy, no matter how low the cholesterol goes.
There are no studies that have shown there is any benefit to statin therapy when high cholesterol is the only risk factor. Businessweek Jan. 17, 2008

Statin are carcinogens–you won’t die of a heart attack because cancer will get you first. JAMA Jan. 1996

Cholesterol levels below 180 are related to all causes of mortality going up, casting doubt on driving the cholesterol measurement below 180. Lancet August 4, 2001


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