Major Stress Reducers–Get These in Place BEFORE the Holidays Crash Down on You!

ABC Chiropractor, ABC Doctor

Dr. Erica S. Kasprzyk, DC

Sometimes I take for granted that my patients know what’s going on in my head! Sometimes new things get added to the protocol. And established or maintenance patients or inactive patients may not be aware of the key areas that I recommend for maintaining and improving your health.  Consider this a baseline checklist to use when you are considering how you are going to handle some of those TOP resolutions (get in shape, eat healthier, lose weight!!). The most basic factor you should be aware of is limiting inflammation throughout your body. However!! This does NOT mean to take aspirin or Advil every day. It does mean:

AVOID: REFINED FOODS, RED MEAT The key foods that PROMOTE inflammation: 1) White/refined sugar 2) High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) 3) White Flour 4) Red Meat 5) Trans Fats (Hydrogenated Oils) If you took drastic steps to keep these food items as just a small part of your diet, you will naturally lose weight. You should find that chronic aches and pains will be less severe or frequent, too, as these food items drive the cycle that make PROSTAGLANDIN, the chemical responsible for inflammation.

AVOID: NSAIDS The reason you DON’T want to routinely take anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), whether prescription or over-the-counter, is because of numerous studies linking increased usage of NSAIDS to the biggie diseases including cancer, heart disease/heart attack, high blood pressure, as well as kidney and liver failure. I have references galore.

AVOID: ANTIBIOTICS: Antibiotics directly turn on the enzyme that cause the last step in making prostaglandin, which directly reduces the immune system! But it also inflames existing pain. So avoid unnecessary antibiotics (like for a viral infection) to keep your inflammatory conditions better in-check.

YOU NEED: EPA & DHA (OMEGA 3’S)  You know it’s coming!! The EPA in Omega 3 fish oils actually HALTS the cycle of inflammation. Taking a regular large dose can help keep your aches and pains minimal (as long as you’re not eating a horrible diet, that is. The worse your diet, the more Omega 3’s you need to overcome it.) I’ve noticed store brands often say something like “1000 mg salmon oil”. However, when I read the label, I find only 200 or 300 mg of EPA & DHA. You need at least 1500 mg a day! The rest of the oil they are advertising ISN’T those crucial ingredients. I will continue to tout Nutriwest’s brand as it contains an essential Omega 6 GLA not usually found in store brands. This Omega 6 helps the skin as well as your insides. And not coconut, palm or any of those oils. Must be black currant seed, evening primrose or borage oil. Those are the Omega 6’s to supplement with.

YOU NEED: COMPLETE GLUTATHIONE The other newest recommendations I’m making are taking glutathione-boosting vitamins, best accomplished with Complete Glutathione or Complete Whey-G by Nutriwest. This will clean up the pollutants in your body so you are less likely to become toxic.

YOU NEED: SOLUBLE MINERALS My other nutritional recommendation is the Vibe liquid minerals. The soil has been depleted of minerals since at least 1936. Even the healthiest diets, even if you only buy organic from Whole Foods, are still deprived of essential minerals. Many people notice a difference in how they feel using this product. I still do.

YOU NEED: THERABAND Posture Exercises—doing these a couple of times a week will give your body needed muscle tone to stay in place between adjustments.

YOU NEED: LIGHT EXERCISE  Patients who have engaged in some form of exercising, even if VERY light and infrequent (1-2x/ week) notice less pain and less exacerbations and less severe when they DO have a problem. I personally have noticed a difference in someone after only one session of using the Theraband at their desk. When I asked her what she had done differently, I was a little shocked that merely ONE day of exercise made a difference.  Granted, exercise won’t FIX the misalignments. However, it will keep the muscles more tone so that they can hold your body in place despite sitting at a desk or driving a bunch. I’m just talking minimal exercise, too! Obviously, more vigorous exercise is great for the heart and circulation, too.

YOU NEED: COMPLETE A-G If you exercise regularly, consider getting the Complete A-G product by Nutriwest. Burning lots of carbon and oxygen stresses the powerhouses of the cells—the mitochondria–because exercise causes more free radicals than when you are sedentary. Complete A-G gives the mitochondria the support they need to overcome the stress of extra exercise.

YOU NEED: VITAMIN B1  I was recommended to take large B1 doses for stress. It actually assists metabolism and nerve function as well. I take 500 mg/day. So the assist with the emotional stress as well as your metabolism must be a good combination to keep the body from craving all of the bad guys: soda, French fries, wine & beer, candy bars and ice cream! You must supplement with Vitamin C and calcium when taking B1, (i.e what’s in Vibe works for me ). I wouldn’t doubt that it could help you make it through the stress of the holidays a little more easily, too. Get B1 at your favorite natural grocery store.  Solaray is my favorite brand—it comes in 100 mg capsules and is easy to swallow.  It’s less than $6 for a bottle at most stores.  If you’re less stressed when December ends, then you’re more likely to tackle those resolutions!

Following all of these things, unfortunately for me, will reduce your need for me. I truly want that for you, though! I want you to be more at cause over your health. And the bonus is a good, basic nutritional regimen that will nourish your body and keep it from craving junk as much.


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