Medpay is a Stand-Alone Benefit—Don’t Decline It!

Have you been contacted by your insurance rep to decline MedPay for your auto policy? Before you decline it, visit the Colorado Chiropractic Association’s site to find out the pros and cons. If you have already refused it, still visit that website to see the full implications.

Medpay really does NOT duplicate your medical/health insurance coverage. Med- Pay covers all occupants in the car. And if you are responsible for the accident, you are responsible for the injuries of everyone in your car. Bodily Injury (BI) covers people outside of your car. BI doesn’t cover the other people in your car when it’s your fault. But MedPay does.

Also you could find yourself without a job in this economy. And if you have declined the coverage, you may forget that you were relying on your employer’s health coverage in the event of an accident. So if you’ve lost your job and declined MedPay, consider talking to your insurance agent about what kind of risk you are personally assuming.

The benefit allows for $5,000 per person involved. That will usually cover an emergency room trip and a few doctor’s visits after an accident. And no co-pays or deductibles apply. Up to $100,000 in MedPay benefits can be purchased for Colorado policies.

We see patients who have been injured in auto accidents and more than 80% of them have Medpay to cover 100% of the bill in our office.  It is a convenience to get yourself “checked under the hood” as well as your car right after the inconvenience of being in an accident!


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