Kids Should See the Chiropractor When They Are Sick

It is interesting to note that antibiotics cause inflammation, which lessens your immune system. People take an antibiotic to kill the over-population of bacteria that is apparently making them sick. However, antibiotics UPREGULATE (make MORE effective) the enzyme in the final step of making prostaglandin. Prostaglandin increases and prolongs sympathetic nerve activity (“automatic” nerves)—this leads to constriction of arteries, causing decreased oxygen delivery, decreased energy and impaired waste removal.

Interestingly, chiropractic adjustments are good at relieving the increased sympathetic nerve activity. That’s why injured people get pain relief from chiropractic.  It doesn’t matter what caused prostaglandin production—a sprained ankle, bad diet or drugs—the adjustments have an anti-inflammatory effect. And I TRULY recommend children get periodic adjustments to keep their little body primed to fight sickness!

So just like for adults, taking Omega 3’s will boost the anti-inflammatory effect. Kids need a special formulation: the DHA and EPA ratio are reversed for what adults need. Nutriwest’s formula comes in very tiny chewable “balls”. Even tiny toddlers can consume them. Or they could be mashed into food if they aren’t swallowing chunky food yet. No child is too young for this product, as DHA is absolutely essential for brain development—the capsules could be squirted into formula.

Omega 6’s (all vegetable oils) and trans fats (i.e. partially hydrogenated soybean oil) need to be minimized and fruits and vegetables boosted where possible.

Once your child has completed their round of antibiotics, a pro-biotic is helpful for restoring a proper bacterial population to their gut (even the grocery store has this kind of product in tablet form). Don’t be surprised if diarrhea crops up during or after antibiotics as the normal intestinal bacteria may get killed off, too, (normal bacteria re-absorb water before you “eliminate”.) So during/after antibiotics, the water may not get reabsorbed, leading to diarrhea.


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