E.R. Trips for Neck Pain Lead to Neck Surgery

If you DON’T want to go under the knife, then DON’T visit the hospital for neck pain!  A study in Spine (Riddle: January 1, 2007) [well-respected and peer-reviewed journal], calculated that 179,000 people annually were discharged from the hospital with neck pain (years 2001 & 2002).  Surprisingly, the study found that 79% of those people discharged received surgery for their neck pain! I was fairly shocked by this finding. I thought most people were simply prescribed anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers and referred to their primary care doctor. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

If you know someone who is just “living with it,” then let them know it’s much easier to help while it’s in this stage. Many blame not having insurance as a reason for not getting chiropractic care. But confronting a chiropractic bill without insurance is probably much easier than confronting a neck surgery bill without insurance!  Did you know, that even if you have good insurance (like a 10% co-pay), and you ended up needing spinal surgery, that you may still end up footing well over $5,000 of the bill, if not MUCH, much more? A patient of mine showed me his insurance billing statement from his neck fusion (which was prior to him meeting me).  The total BILLED AMOUNT was $44,000! His portion was supposed to have been almost $10,000 due to some out-of-network related charges. But it got knocked down to $5,000. If he didn’t have ANY insurance, he would have been responsible for the whole $44,000!  Five thousand dollars would be for A LOT of ABC™ chiropractic care program.  And you save yourself the pain and risk of going through surgery.


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