A Doctor’s Confession….And Why I Still Do What I Do

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A Doctor’s Confession to the Patients and Friends of
Atlas Personal Wellness and Why I Still Do What I Do…

I admit it, I’ve been slack about stressing the importance of children being checked for spinal misalignents. I’m fairly sure that until I had my own “experimenting grounds,” it was difficult to proclaim I really understood what kids were going through; what they REALLY needed, since they can’t tell you what’s going on in the beginning of life.  I stick to a strict line that I believe to be in Sarah’s best interest. It definitely goes against conventional pre-natal and “baby wellness” care.  I didn’t arrive at the decisions I’ve made for my family’s health lightly. I grew up in a mostly traditional medical model. It did include chiropractic care at times—as far back as when my mom was pregnant with me!! I even hadsome chiropractic care as a baby, a child; the most as a teenager.  I came about my opinions on what medical procedures to abstain from and what ones to use over the course of lots of study and independent inquiry.  I didn’t grow up in an “alternative health” mindset. No one else in my family or my husband’s family has this mindset. And I can tell you that all of our brothers and sisters think we are heretics for not vaccinating Sarah.  So like Sarah mentioned in her column, she never has drugs. I personally have only had Advil in the last 12 years (other than Pitocin & an IV during labor). And I promote a drug-free life for Sarah. She hasn’t had a drug since her last tooth came in. And I think the results speak for themselves.  It’s not easy to see your child sick and feeling horrible! And being the doctor and being mom at the same time can be trying. But I don’t THINK she needs an adjustment if she’s less than 100%; I KNOW she needs an adjustment. And I don’t THINK she needs Tylenol or cough medicine. I KNOW she doesn’t. But I don’t expect others to agree with this or have the confidence I do to follow this course of care. I had the comfort of a $150,000 education that allowed me to evaluate the data for myself and arrive at these conclusions independently; most haven’t had the luxury to do that.  I have my reasons for not using drugs; some are physical and others are spiritual. And I wouldn’t impose those reasons on others. However, have you ever wondered what would happen if you gave a healthy child the same medicine you give a sick child? Don’t parents usually tell their kids “don’t take drugs” if not needed because it’ll make them sick?? So it seems if drugs make healthy people sick, wouldn’t they make sick people even sicker? Just a thought to consider. So my confession is, now that I have almost 3 years of adjusting Sarah under my belt, I’m ready to totally come out of the closet on my opinions of children being checked..


(I never doubted it; I just had a hard time being gutsy enough to tell others.)


What’s cool is I’ve found that unless they have a specific complaint, they don’t need a major program of care like adults. They need a little bit of intensive care at first, depending on their history. But after that, they should be checked if:

They’ve had a trauma, like a fall from a high place
If they were born via C-section
If they have a medical complaint like diarrhea that doesn’t resolve with dietary changes, like changing formula or eliminating dairy
Ear infections
Digestive Troubles—tummy aches
Colds/runny noses
After they’ve begun to crawl—by that time, they have the 4 normal curves in their spine like an adult has.

After this point in life, sitting in the infant car seat is likely to “re-set” them because the shape of the car seat is designed for a newborn spine.  (Newborns only have one curve —the way the car seat molds to them fits that curve.)  After they start pulling up and walking (and not because of the walking, but because  of all of the falling!) they should be checked about once a month.  Any significant fall should be checked as soon as reasonable (and only when medical complications are ruled out.)

One of the very best times is….while they are still in Momma’s tummy! Lining up the spine and pelvis can allow the birthing canal to be less constrictive allowing for a more “normal” birth, less likely to end up in a C-section  If Baby is breech the adjustment can free up the pelvis and allow the baby to have more room; after birth to reduce the stress that was put on Baby’s meningeal system while in utero.

If Baby hasn’t turned in time: Adjusting can open up the pelvis and allow enough room for Baby to turn on their own.  There is a bit of an exam on a child; the age and ability of the child will dictate the tests done. There’s no outright need for x-rays but their medical history will verify that. I can even show mom or dad the tight areas before the adjustment and let them feel how things loosen up right away. With infants you can check their posture by “inverting” them (it seems bizarre, but you hold them by their legs upside down and see if they curve to the side, which isn’t normal.) In fact, I adjusted Andrea’s little baby bear who was 4 months old and she immediately straightened out. They DO cry after an adjustment! But from what I can determine from working with Sarah, it can be due to fear of violating their self-determinism. There have been plenty of times she didn’t cry as an infant. In fact, infant adjustments are pretty mild—barely more than a stretch.

Now that you’ve heard my confession, it’s time for you to take action! I’m not one to lay on the guilt, but “Why leave your kids at home to grow up with the same problems you have?” Okay, so there’s a little Jewish mother guilt for you. Call us to get your kid’s spine checked.  If they’ve had their teeth checked, and their ears checked and their eyes checked, then why neglect the housing for their whole nervous system?  It’s the most important area to get checked and fixed!


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