Help Me Find The Weirdest Pain I Can Solve

ABC Chiropractor, ABC Doctor

Dr. Erica S. Kasprzyk, DC


**Within one visit a lady saw a mystery pain in her finger disappear after MRI’s showed nothing, and injections and physical therapy gave her no improvement.

**An airline pilot reported an improvement in his vision at his 6 month check-up while he was under our care. At every previous check-up, his vision had gotten WORSE.

**An elderly lady couldn’t even take her sweater off by herself without her son’s help due to VERY bad balance. He had to escort her to the adjusting area. After her first adjustment, she walked back to her chair on her own, put on her sweater and her shoes on with little to no problem . (She had a fall and hit her head at one time, which can lead to dizziness.)

**A woman came in with a headache that she declared was an 11 (by the way, on a scale of 1-10, 10 is the worst). She got adjusted and it diminished to a 6; I had her come back in 2 hours, re-adjusted her—the headache was completely gone.

**Difficulty swallowing that resolved.

**A chronically swollen coccyx (tailbone)

**Feet “catching on fire” at bedtime virtually resolved.

**A man whose snoring was so bad he had 3 different surgeries to fix it:  one surgery removed the uvula; a second surgery scraped his sinuses and a third surgery operated on his throat.  His throat would hurt every morning due to intense snoring.  He couldn’t believe after his first adjustment that his throat didn’t hurt and in the couple of weeks he was under care the snoring and sore throat didn’t come back.

**A woman was recommended to have hip surgery to shorten the length of the femoral head that connects the leg bone into the hip socket to fix her hip pain.  By the end of her care plan, hip surgery was nowhere on her radar and there was merely a mild hip ache.

**A yoga teacher’s main complaint was elbow pain that wouldn’t resolve despite routine stretching and exercising.  After her first adjustment it went away and never came back.

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