As Some Have Expected, ABC™ Chiropractic Can’t Help Everything

ABC Chiropractor, ABC Doctor

Dr. Erica S. Kasprzyk, DC

Many patients probably don’t realize the wide variety of problems that have been helped using Advanced Biostructural Correction™ care. But not every patient can be helped. That’s because there ARE some limiting factors. The most severe limitations to getting better are:

1) Previous Spinal Surgery: If a person already has their normal mechanics altered, their outcome is much less predictable. So note! Try ABC™ chiropractic BEFORE symptoms get so bad that surgery is absolutely necessary.

2) Spinal Fracture: Obviously I wouldn’t treat someone with a new fracture. However, once healed, the lingering symptoms can be quite bothersome. I’ve had two patients with healed compression (spinal) fractures who responded beautifully. But the fracture might create abnormal mechanics that creates a plateau in improvement.

3) Diabetes: I’ve seen a few times where people are borderline diabetic or full-blown Type II diabetes with numb feet. Their feet don’t predictably get better like the non-diabetic.

4) Cancer/Infections: When there are organic causes of disease, a predictable outcome cannot be expected. Improvements MAY be possible. A maintenance patient began having dizziness and didn’t respond the way patients with dizziness typically respond. She had a medical consult with her primary doctor; no problems were found–she wasn’t even given antibiotics for a possible inner ear infection.  In this patient’s case, it was fortunate she DIDN’T go on antibiotics that might have covered up the TRUE problem.  At a dental check-up, it was found she had a raging bone infection in her jaw!  After getting that infection under control, the dizziness resolved. No mechanical solution (i.e. adjustment) was going to resolve that dizziness.

5) Invalidating Comments: When a patient has a family member (or other close person) who is making them wrong about using chiropractic care, then those people have up-and-down results. The person is better after I treat them, but after coming in contact with that person, they are doing worse again.

In the absence of these factors, a large variety of symptoms can respond very favorably. Some of my favorite things to help with are headaches, pain down the arm and hand (with or without numbness), pain or numbness spreading from the low back into the leg, low energy and that feeling of “I’m just getting old.”  Ultimately, I’m not the one making you better. I’m just giving your body the favorable conditions to help it heal itself. And that makes chiropractic fun for me!


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