Bring Your Kids to My Mommy for Potty Accidents

Bedwetting and Chiropractic, Fixing Bedwetting in Kids

Accident-Free Again!

Once again, I’m a super lucky kid to have my mommy as my personal chiropractor! I was being a monkey and was hanging on the banister at the bottom of the stairs. I accidentally slipped though and my tushy landed on the corner of the wood. Ouch! I had a terrible bruise that has lasted for like 20 years or something.  Mom realized that I had a few pee pee accidents last week which was pretty unusual for me–during the day time and at night time.

Climbing Injuries,

I Am Sarah, Hear Me Roar!

And then it got hard to poop. That is NO fun! So I got an adjustment from my mommy and I haven’t had any pee pee or poopy problems since then. I guess I never wonder how all of that works because that is the only way it has ever been for me! If I get hurt, my mommy fixes me. I THROW my arms around my mommy after I get my adjustment. I love it so much. If you bring your kids to Mommy, I’m sure they will feel as good as I do.   Love, Sarah-bear


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