No Training Wheels? No Problem! Get Adjusted!

sports injuries and chiropractic, kids and sports injuries

Look Ma, No Training Wheels!

I keep hearing my mom brag to EVERYONE that I can ride a 2-wheeler now. Mom said I couldn’t get a new bike until I could ride without training wheels. So I decided I would learn. That day I had it figured out and now I ride my bike to my neighbors, Harry and Rosemary. They remind me of my babysitter Ruth Ann because they are grandparents like she is!  I park my bike on Rosemary’s porch so I can go have a conversation with her. I even rode to Starbucks with Mom one day!  I still haven’t gotten that new bike yet. But Mom hasn’t been able to find the right size. I’m sure she will get me a very cool purple or pink bike once she does. With streamers. And a bell. And my own Camel Back! (I already got a new helmet, even though my old one was just fine. Mom’s can be suckered into almost anything you know??)  I’ve only fallen a couple of times. But I’ve figured out to ask my mom for an adjustment if I feel tight. I throw my arms around my mom right after she adjusts me because it feels so good! I tell her I am so glad that she is a chiropractor who can take care of me when I am tight. And now I have a new babysitter to pick me up from daycare, so she can help more patients at the end of the day. So get your adjustment from my mom, even if traffic is bad!  Love, Sarah


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