I Recommend My Mommy!

Chiropractic Kid, Chiropractor's Kid, Refer Kids to Chiropractors

Coffee Talk with Dr. Mom

I keep hearing that I will be in Kindergarten next year. Right now, I just can’t wait for the end of the school year because at my Primrose School, we get to wear whatever we want in the summer time. I keep asking Mom if it is summer yet!  For now, I like to make my school uniform look girly-girly with bright tights, socks or colorful shoes.  I went to the dentist for the first time on the day of that bad blizzard. I wanted to find out from the dentist when my first tooth would fall out. My 4 year old cousin already lost her first tooth. And Mom wanted to know if my 6 year old molars were coming in. Just two of them were. I got 2 new toothbrushes while I was there. I brought one of them to my friend Annie at school and told her to go see my dentist, Dr. Jen. But Dr. Jen is having her baby soon so Annie might have to wait to see her!  My dentist told me to wiggle my tooth 50 times a day. I heard that the tooth fairy will use my baby teeth to build her castle. Mom told me I was so good at referring my dentist, that I should hand out chiropractic goodies to my friends and tell them to get their spines checked. Adjustments and massages make me feel good. I never need medicine because Doctor Mommy takes such good care of me!  Love, Sarah


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