Headstands are for People with Chiropractors!

kids and chiropractic, sports injuries and chiropracitc

Headstands Are My Specialty

Yes, that’s me hanging around up-side down! Mom says just looking at me do a headstand makes her head hurt. I told Mom to use a picture of my new room instead!  We just moved and I was very proud of pictures I took of my first 2 toys I put in my new room. We can even do bike rides on our new street because there isn’t much traffic like at our old house.

I have been a big helper around our new house—I even made Mom’s bed one morning. I was also very impressed when the dentist visited our school. I can’t wait to show my mom how shiny and minty my teeth are every time I brush! It won’t be long before I get my first loose tooth since I’m now a big 5-year-old.

Healthy Kids, Kids and Chiropractic

Special Birthday "Up-do"

I had a Barbie cake and Bratz cupcakes for my birthday because I LOVE “fashion”. It’s fun to pick out the “fashion” outfits for my Barbies!

Love, Sarah


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