Too Much Sugar Can Land You at the Doctor!

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Trick or Treat!

Well I feel like a real school kid now because I have been going to my new Primrose School for about a month now. I’m in Pre-K. There are so many boys and girls in my class! Some days its hard getting dressed because I want to wear one of my pretty dresses and not my uniform.

We got to have an awesome Halloween party at school. Busha, my old babysitter, even came and went through the costume parade with me. I was Tinkerbell this year.  I also got to go “trunk or treating” with my friend Alisa across the street. We went around to cars at her church and they gave out candy from their trunks.

I’ve just been trying to keep up with Mom’s busy schedule. I’ve been getting better all of the time at my ‘sponsibilities—brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, getting dressed. Sometimes I remember and I will clean up my whole room. Mom really seems to like that.

One of my ‘sponsibilities is to take my fish pills and vitamins and eating my fruits and veggies. Sometimes I don’t want to though. I really just want to find out what I can have for a treat and how many more bites I have to eat until I can have a treat!

But Mom tells me she’s not just mom, she’s my doctor and if I don’t listen to her, I will have to go to another kind of doctor for medicine or shots or to get cavities filled. So I decide to listen to her so I keep my body healthy! Love, Sarah


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