If Your Kid is Active Like Me, They Should Get ‘Justed!

chiropractic and sports injuries, kids and sports injuries and chiropractic

New Spring Dress

I’ve definitely been liking the warmer weather! You’d never know by looking at me in my new spring dress, but when my babysitter’s granddaughter plays with me, we like to see how many roly poly’s we can find under the rocks! And nothing is better than digging in the dirt in my mom’s flower bed. The bunnies always eat everything so there’s plenty of dirt to play in 🙂

Last week I rollerskated to the playground and mom says she’s going to take the training wheels off my bike this summer. (I’ll probably need to schedule a visit or two after she does that!) Mom even took me to the office the last time I got an ’justment. She gave me a big bag of popcorn for doing so good.

Sports Injuries and Kids, gymnastics and chiropractic

Gymnastics Babe

Oh, this other picture is from my gymnastics class with Miss Stephanie at Encore. It’s great to swing on the bars and the rings and do the balance beam. Just ask and I’ll show you my cartwheels and handstands! They are lots of fun. Also my 3-year-olds pre-school will be over soon. I will really miss my friends over the summer. Before pre-K starts in the fall, I’ll get to visit my dad in North Carolina for 2 weeks at the beach! The ocean is great and I can’t wait…

Luv, Sarah


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