I Keep Taking My Fish Pills, You Should Too!

kids and fish oils, recommendations for kids fish oils

Summertime With Grandma Audrey

I got to spend more than a week with my Grandma Audrey. She came to visit me all the way from Buffalo, NY! My dad gave me a United States puzzle and I definitely know the piece that is New York where Grandma lives. But I’ve also learned Virginia where my mom’s parents and sister live. I like putting that puzzle together and getting faster and faster at it each time!  I was lucky to get this written before I go on vacation to the beach!! I’m VERY excited to go see my dad in North Carolina. Mommy is going to fly with me to get there. Then Daddy will fly with me and bring me home. I’ll be there for 2 weeks. I think I’ll get to see my other grandma and my grandpa while I’m there too. We all love the beach and will have fun!  Mommy says she’s going on vacation while I’m gone, too. I hope I have some good pictures for my next column.  Here’s me and my Grandma Audrey. When she’s in Colorado I get to be “her girl”. But my cousins get to be “her girls” when she’s back in Buffalo. My mom still makes me take those fish pills that I can chew up. I’m not as excited about them as I used to be. But Mom & Dad tell me I have to keep taking my vitamins and getting my adjustments to help my brain and muscles be healthy and strong!

Love, Sarah


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