Well-Adjusted Kids are Well-Coordinated and Able!

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4 Year Old Rock Climber!

Mom shouldn’t wait so long to do her newsletters! There’s been a lot of stuff to tell you since the last one! The picture on the wall really is me at the climbing wall at Copper! I had a lot of fun doing that and the bungee trampoline. Mom also took me on a scary ride on the go-karts, too. I went rollerskating for the first time with my friend Liza at “Pixie Skate.” And I also got to go to Aspen with Mom. On our way home we swam at Glenwood Hot Springs and I made lots of friends there! And right now I am on a visit to my dad’s house in North Carolina. I got to see Gran & Grandpa. And then I am going to Buffalo to visit my Grandma Audrey and aunts & uncles and cousins who live there. My dad isn’t going to Germany until May—he was supposed to go in October, so that is a relief!  Mom says when I come back from North Carolina I will be starting a new Preschool called Primrose.

Kids & Chiropractic, adjusting kids, kids sports injuries,

Perfect Summer Day at Loveland Pass

I won’t be seeing Ruth Ann every day which is going to be sad. She’s been my babysitter since I was born! She promises we’ll still see each other. After all, she is my Busha (grandma) too! At my daycare I will be in Pre-K everyday with lots of other boys and girls. That will be good because I get very sad when I don’t have any friends to play with! I’m not sure I will like the uniforms because they aren’t very girly-girl.   Love, Sarah


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