Get My Mom To Check You if You Fall Skiing or Snowboarding!

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Princess and Tiara One Day....Skiing the Next

My mom says that I love to live up to my namesake—Sarah means “princess” in Hebrew.  I bet Mom & Dad didn’t know what they would have on their hands when they gave me that name! I got this new princess jewelry for my birthday and HAD to show it off. But in true Colorado girl fashion, I can clean up one day in “klip klop shoes”, a tiara and gown and then head for the slopes the next day.  Mom took me skiing for my first time this month! It sure was cold up there. Mom hates it when I try to eat snow but I had plenty of time while I was in ski school to sneak a couple handfuls. She also stuck these warm pads to my feet so my toes would stop being cold. Glad I didn’t have any falls. I like to give Mom a hard time about giving me an ‘justment if I hurt myself. But I’m always glad I get it when she’s done.  Luv, Sarah


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