Make Sure You Get Adjusted if You Like to Do Headstands!

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Cute Kid Morning

Well just to update you! Mom got the message and I DID get the ballerina tutu and ballet slippers. I also had my birthday—I just turned four!! I had a gymnastics party for my friends from gym class and pre-school. We got to swing on the rope, jump in the foam pit, build a “birthday cake” out of foam blocks, do somersaults, jump on the trampolines and of course eat birthday cake. I had a Sleeping Beauty cake again this year, but I wanted to have “all my princesses” on there too. I really like practicing my “lunges” and cartwheels that we are learning in gymnastics. I’ve even done a couple of headstands and handstands without mom’s help!

stay healthy, sports injuries and chiropracitc

A Perfect Morning

Of course, with all of that flippin’ over, I’ve needed to get a couple of ‘justments because sometimes I get all twisted up when I fall. I’m sure lots of you have gotten ‘justments after you’ve fallen, too. That’s what Mom says she’s doin’ when I’m at my babysitter’s house, is ‘justing patients”. (I keep tryin’ to get Mom to do a handstand, but she says she’s just too big!)  Luv, Sarah


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