Little Monkeys Need Chiropractic

chiropractic kid

Summer Vacation in Buffalo

I told you last month we were going to visit the zoo and since then, we’ve already been there a couple of times. I really got to see what Mom is always say ing about me being a “lil monkey”! Those monkeys would swing themselves across the fences and branches like it was no big deal.

I sure wish I was able to swing as easily as they do—I like to hang on Mom’s arm or leg and at least pretend I’m a monkey!  At the playground, I have a fun trick—flipping upside down on the bar at the top of the slide. I know I could hang upside down off of that bar, but there’s no place for my feet to go.

Mom has been VERY busy writing her nutrition seminar for you guys. I know she’s excited to help you and your baby bears get healthier. I get my vitamin juice every day—I remind Mom if she forgets! She wants me to tell you that there will be “amazing” (Sarah’s word, by the way) information that you can use for your kids or grandkids. Mom says there is good stuff about ADD, depression, autism and vaccines. But for the mommies and daddies, there’s going to be a lot about cancer and heart disease.

I like to help her with her note cards for her talk—they’re written on so many pretty colors—it’s just TOO tempting for a little girl who is “always very curious” (reference to Curious George, the monkey). I guess Mom is right, I really AM a lil’ monkey.

Luv, Sarah


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