Kids Love Massages Like You Do

sick kids and chiropractic, chiropractic for kids

Massage Feels Great!

Can somebody make sure my mom gets me a ballet skirt and ballet slippers? I’m just not sure if she really gets how much I want these! If I get them I promise to take a good picture so you can see what it looks like! Mom says we are going to Virginia when she’s closed for the holidays. I’ll see Mommy’s family and Daddy, too. He lives in North Carolina (Camp Lejeune) now and it’s only a few hours from Gran and Grandpa!

Gran is going to make “hocky lockies” [Latkes] for our Chanukah party with my cousins. I’ve been practicing and can actually spin a dreidle this year which is good because I’ve got a million dreidles!  I discovered getting massages and now I’ll tell Mom I don’t feel so good, can I have a massage? Mom told me I don’t need a reason to get one–that I can ask anytime. Cheryl feels the same way—you can schedule a massage with her whether you’re “not feeing good” or you just need it! She’s there all the times my mom is there. Maybe you could get your girl a massage for a present—Mom has gift certificates. I know I’d love that present!

Luv, Sarah


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