Kids Need Chiropractic

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No Carpal Tunnel for this Kid!

This month, I started a gymnastics class at a place called Encore. It is so fun! I get to do the balance beam, summersaults, swing on the bars, jump on the trampoline and dive into the foam pit with other girls my size. Mom is so happy because it’s the first class that I’ve “participated” in. I caught Mom & Dad watching me from the bleachers and told them to stop looking at me—how embarrassing! (3 going on 13 about sums it up!).  It wouldn’t hurt if Mom still spots me, though, because I had a small fall at the playground. I don’t like to be spotted, but that might be better than needing an ‘justment later!  Since she’s my mama, I have to give her a hard time when she says I need one. But later on, I make sure and tell her that I feel better, like in my head, my back and my feet.

Mom had a 15 month old that came for a couple of ‘justments; she said he didn’t even cry like I do for the “head” adjustment. He was really wobbly learning to walk and his mama and grandma noticed he was much steadier, even after ONE adjustment! (My Mom is the best.)

Let’s see…other news.. Mom says I’m going to start Pre-school soon! This will be my first school and Mom says it’ll be fun. I keep telling her I don’t WANT to go to college so I don’t know why I have to go to school already. But I do like using the ‘puter at the library and at home—I have a couple of kiddie games. Don’t I look like a pro using the mouse? Maybe by first grade, Mom can find a job at the office for me!! Luv, Sarah


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