Fish Oils for Kids

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Cutie Pie

Sometimes I have “meltdowns” and I cry and cry until I run out of tears. It’s no fun having a meltdown—my tears and my nose runs all over and gets in my hair; and it makes Mom and Daddy cranky. But sometimes I just can’t help it. (Mom says I’ve kind of been like this since I was born) Ruth Ann, my babysitter, always said I was in my “terrific twos” when I was still a baby.  Mom says I still am!

So Mom started thinking about the new vitamins she was giving me. She thought they should help my mood be better. But sometimes Mom forgets that I AM still little—even though she always calls me her “big kid.” My new vitamin water [fish oil capsules opened into a shotglass of water and Kid’s Vibe), was really the Mommy & Daddy version.

She decided I needed my very OWN special fish oil [Omega 3] so she ordered the kid’s version just for me. I can even swallow these—I don’t like to chew them up even though they taste alright if you do. Both Mom and Dad said I’ve had so many less “meltdowns.” I guess I didn’t really notice!

Mom says my meltdowns were getting worse when I was taking the Mommy/Daddy version. She said that kids need the same ingredients as grown-ups, except the “ratio” needs to be backwards. You’ll have to ask Mom about that. All I know is I just want to make my mommy and daddy happy—that’s my job! So it seems like it’s been easier lately!

Luv, Sarah


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