Take Your Kids to the “Popcorn Doctor”

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Popcorn Doctor's Kid

Daddy says he‟ll help me make Mom a card and we‟ll either cook her a special breakfast or take her some place she really likes (maybe she‟ll pick the Original Pancake House—they have YUMMY stuff!)  Mommies sure are special and I kind of get jealous when Mom has to go to the office to see patients. But sometimes she lets me come because now I’m getting to be SO BIG that I’m very good, right Mom?  One of the best things about coming to the office is eating popcorn that Mommy and I get from the Popcorn Store (Cornzapoppin). One of Mommy‟s patients once called her the “popcorn doctor” because of the noise when she ‘justs the bones. So if you’ve never been in, you’ll have fun just like I do– getting to see my mommy.

Luv, Sarah


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