Slips and Falls Can Lead to Kids’ Runny Nose and Cough

back pain lifting, back pain shoveling

Sarah Helps Break Up Sheets of Ice

I sure have had a lot of fun shoveling snow this year! Whenever Mommy has to go shovel the driveway, I get to help! But I REALLY just love eating the snow, which always causes Mommy to roll her eyes. I know the whole routine—I get my snow bibs out of the closet and put those on. Then I get my coat, my hat and mittens and I’m ready to go!  But I’m pretty excited that the snow is almost gone. I got a Princess scooter because I stopped sucking my thumb (but I’m still allowed to suck my thumb when I go to bed–just not while hangin’ out!) Now there’s some sidewalks to ride on—yeah!! I’m really starting to feel like a “big kid” since getting some wheels of my own.  Of course Mommy & Daddy make me wear a helmet and elbow/knee pads, which is fine because that’s kept me from getting all scraped up. But it probably wouldn’t be too hard to get banged up if I got going too fast, like downhill or something. If I’ve had a hard fall or bump, Mommy will usually ask me later on if I feel like getting an adjustment. Sometimes I even ask her to give me an “justment”.  This month, I had a little bit of a runny nose and a little cough for a few days. So one night, Mommy gave me the adjustment where you lie down on your back, lift your legs and tilt your head to the side—right before bed. The next day I was all better.

You should ask Mommy why she waits so long to adjust me when I’m not 100%!! I guess I should have my babysitter schedule me a standing weekly appointment at the office and take me each week so Mommy doesn’t forget to check me. Lucky for me, I think she’ll work for hugs and kisses 🙂

Luv, Sarah


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