My Mom Finally Put Her Doctor Hat On and Helped Me!

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Sarah's First Overnight Away from Mommy and Daddy

If you’ve been around kids much you know that runny noses are common! But not for me—usually when I was teething; occasionally other times. Mommy got fed up with this runny nose. So she decided to give me a “big kid” adjustment. I had to stand against the wall and she punched my ribs under my chin. And then she put her hand behind my back to get the bones to move. (She says you wouldn’t believe it, but I LAUGHED!!) It was the first time she had done it that way! I had always been adjusted on the floor. But Mommy said I was getting too big to do it that way anymore.  Well after that adjustment, my nose dripped one more time and then that was the end of it (thank goodness, because I HATE having my nose wiped!)  But surprisingly, two days later, I woke up with a fever—the first one since my last tooth came in! I didn’t know what to make of all of that and I was a little bit hysterical.  Mommy says most moms would give Tylenol, to get the fever down. But she learned way back in college that fevers kill off the germs. So she didn’t give me medicine. Just lots of water and sleep.  And of course she insisted on doing the head adjustment. I was pretty upset because everything was so sensitive! But after 3 naps that morning, I woke up at 1 pm, fever gone and back to my normal self—yeah!! Mommy was so surprised because I was back to all my normal tricks within 5 hours of that fever starting, and I never looked back all weekend 🙂

Mommy says I’ve hardly ever been sick and that’s because of getting adjusted, taking my Juice Plus vitamins and all of the wonderful home-cooking that my babysitter Ruth Ann makes for me. I was so lucky to have Mommy take care of me when I was sick. She also says I’m lucky because I’ve never had shots or medicine.

My mommy would take care of your kids as good as she takes care of me. (You’ll have to tell them that the adjustment might be a little scary.) And it might take a few times, but it’ll make them get better, and probably healthier and stronger.

Luv, Sarah


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