Watch out for Whiplash on Rollercoasters!

Sarah gets to meet Mickey for the first time

Well as many of you guys know already, Mommy & I spent our vacation in California. We did LOTS of stuff! I had my first taste of Las Vegas, and BOY was it HOT so I didn’t last long at the pool. I saw one of those neat slot machines with cartoons on it and no sooner did Daddy sit me down in the chair but the casino lady made us leave—“Gaming Regulations”. And it looked so fun!  We visited the Marine Corps base where Daddy works—it’s called 29 Palms (and there were actually palm trees at the entrance, not sure if there were 29 of them because I can only count to 20!) Mommy and I got to see Daddy’s office and it was TOO HOT for me!  But best of all was going to DISNEYLAND. Wow—there was so much to do there. I convinced Mommy to take me on the rollercoaster in Toon Town. It was scary, but fun! And I LOOOVVVED meeting all of the characters—Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, Belle, the Beast, Aurora, Pluto, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger, too! But Barney is my favorite right now, wonder where he was?

A couple of days later we went to SeaWorld and there was another roller coaster there. I really wanted to ride it, but Mommy said I was too little for that one. I was very sad that I didn’t get to go on that roller-coaster. Mommy promised that the next time we go, I’d be big enough!

But she wants to let you know that if YOU get to do the roller-coasters, especially the older rickety ones, don’t be surprised if you have some whiplash. She can help you get fixed up fast if you do. But if you don’t want to take a chance, stick to the kid-rides like I do and you’ll leave the park in as good ofshape as when you got there! Luv, Sarah


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