First Pair of High Heels–Good Thing Her Mom is a Chiropractor

Dr. Mom ISN'T Gonna Like My Shoes!

When Mommy’s friend Denise visited, I had tons of fun playing dress up in her black heels! I love to “klip-klop” around the house in shoes much bigger than mine.  Mommy has a pair of orange sandals that I always love to “borrow”. But Mommy doesn’t have any cool high heels like Denise had! So these were my new toy that whole weekend.  Mommy kept bugging me that I was really going to need an adjustment just to “undo” messing myself up. I’m not really sure what that means, but considering all of the laughs I was getting wearing Denise’s shoes, I didn’t think it could be all bad!  I don’t really understand what Mommy does when she goes to work. But she tried explaining that if shoes are TOO tall, they will really “throw me off”; but since I don’t have any pain, that I probably wouldn’t notice a problem. She told me to remind you that if you DO have some pain, that wearing high heels can “re-set” you and don’t be surprised if pain starts back up. But not to worry! She can fix you—you just don’t want to keep wearing the heels.  We also went to the Body Worlds exhibit when Denise visited. Aunt Denise is a nurse anesthetist and wasn’t very impressed—she sees people cut open all day long! But Mommy really liked the person who was stooped over and had their back bones showing as well as the skater & ballerina. I didn’t understand what the big fuss was. I got pretty bored and wanted Mommy to take me to lunch!  Meanwhile, seeing those shoes reminds me I need to ask Mommy to give me a pedicure. I like pink and red just like Mommy!

Luv, Sarah


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